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copywriting & Editing

Good copywriting isn't just about joining a thesis to a word count. It's an understanding of how words flow in a sentence. It's finding a digestible rhythm and maintaining a style that meets the strengths of your medium. It's adaptability when your layout designer asks you if you could make something eight characters shorter, or when your client is looking for an alternative. It's reaching out to your prospective reader with a coverline that makes them look for your magazine's table of contents.

Good copywriting trims a Q&A dialog to its core ideas. It creates potent video introductions, memorable commercial slogans, and identifiable brand messages.

Texture and Flavor

In print's transition to digital press, layouts and designs have changed, but the importance of the word hasn't. In the age of web3 and mobile-ready 4K video, copywriting might occupy a less visual component of content, but it still provides the texture and the flavor to draw readers, subscribers, and customers.

Packaging, social media thumbnails and buzzwords are marquee signs on the increasingly busy roadway of human attention. They get customers on the lot, but they generally don't close the sale. Genuine and compelling copywriting not only grabs the interest of the intended audience; it holds that attention long enough to motivate an intended action, be it an engagement, a new subscription, or a sale.