Last year I moved from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area to Philadelphia for a new career opportunity within my company. My new job was across the river in New Jersey, but we elected to stay on this side of the river for a couple of reasons.

First, my significant other was able to keep working for the same company by transferring to their Philadelphia office. That’s a fortunate plus when you’re moving for the sake of the other partner’s career.

More important than that, though: we’ve been looking for our fit on the urban east coast. We wanted to be in a young place with plenty to do, but we also wanted to best balance our earning power with our cost of living. New York is glamorous, but I want to save while saving is still easy.

After a year here, I’m happy to say that Philadelphia was absolutely the right choice for our new home. Every weekday I head off to Central Jersey for work. Every night I return home to the mighty lights of Philly, and as fall wears to winter, the hour-long drive only makes me more appreciative that my home is somewhere waiting for me in that living urban glow.

To tell the truth, the first time I’d ever been in this city is when we were looking for an apartment after I accepted my new position. It was bitter cold that day, and the city was recovering from a snowstorm. Even so, it wasn’t difficult to get around. The traffic wasn’t scary or pushy. The first impressions were good.

While I saw neighborhood after neighborhood I’d be happy to call home, we just weren’t finding the right unit on our first day out. We were okay with that. On our way out of the city, on our last appointment of the day, we found a great refinished loft.

Center City view. Skylights. Off street.
Good things come to those who don’t settle.

We fell in love, and the rest is history.

In our time so far, we’ve only started to see what the city has to offer. Our experiences here have been overwhelmingly positive–the people, the art, the food, the events, the opportunities…A year later, we’re still very much in love with or new home.

I was raised in the the plains of Ohio and the¬†woods of upstate NY; I’m no stranger to rural country and I still love it.

But the life and the opportunity of a city? It’s something I’ve waited a decade for.

Feel the love, Philadelphia.

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